Friday, January 31, 2014

good night!

It does a momma's heart good to realize this is how he chose to spend his time after she said goodnight! Never sure how to handle those late night hours as my children become adults and can stay up half the night. Even into my college years I would go to bed when my dad said it was time for bed. I guess I never really questioned that because I am a morning person. Now comes the morning challenge...getting them out of bed. This picture is what I walked into early the next morning, the evidence of last nights playing, singing, writing and praising... thank you, son.
Poor quality picture, yes I know, but I couldn't help myself. Needed to have it for future reference.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... January 28, 2014

Outside my window... it is a cloudy, but warm, 72 degrees.

I am thinking... that, when it has been a really long time since posting, a Daybook post seems like a really good place to start.

I am thankful... for a community of prayer partners. People that love my family and pray hard - every minute that I spend with my Dad - that I live only a 10 minute ride, through the forest, from my parents.

In the kitchen... chili, the same recipe I learned to make in college. Taught to me by a childhood friend, thanks Ellen! And that was a long time ago.

I am wearing... jeans, a sweatshirt (because it is cold in my house, not outside) and flip flops.

I am creating... fabric blocks, quilts - in my mind, and a knitted coffee cozy.

I am going... to a 4-H meeting tonight and a dentist appointment tomorrow morning.

I am wondering... if I could find a new television series to watch. Something I could go back to episode one and watch, no waiting for the next episode and no commercials.

I am reading... The Help, since October. Reading is too difficult right now, my mind is just too scattered.

I am hoping... that the cancer treatment and study my dad is beginning this week will lead to a miracle.

I am looking forward to... all the time I am spending with my parents.

I am learning... to be still and know that He is God. His ways are not our ways and His timing is perfect.

Around the house... things are messy and I wish I was preparing a garden.

I am pondering... quilts in a new book, that I just bought.

A favorite quote for today... When the enemy starts knocking, on a door you closed long ago, you just say, "Jesus, it's for you." (sorry, I don't know the source)

One of my favorite things... when my husband remembers to turn on my bed warmer before I'm ready for bed.

A few plans for the rest of the week: not making too many plans right now, just taking life day by day.

A peek into my day...

Thank you Peggy for the Simple Woman's Daybook {follow links to read more}.