Monday, September 01, 2008

happy labor day

Good morning from the shore!

We began the day on about three feet (literally) of beach due to an angry hurricane ocean. After about two hours we had progressed to about five feet. This, of course, did not deter the children in there beach going experience. For those of us not swimming, this kept us very close to the children should anyone need rescuing. The flag on the pier is the American flag and the children were quick to point out they did not even bother flying one that indicates the surf conditions. Following are photos of us eking out the very last moments of out "official summer"

Taking a much needed break from an over active surf!

Dad treated us to Domino's for lunch and the day is progressing along quite nicely.

After lunch and a break, it's out to the chicken coop for some mending and cleaning. The new biddies will be here in a week and nesting must begin at home. With two old ladies (the only remaining chickens from the summer slaughter) we had to figure out what we were going to do with them before we took their space. They now have the large run on one side of the coop, complete with roost, food, water, and laying box. The chicks will go in the coop, completely enclosed, and this means I won't have them, or their mess, in the garage. I will miss those sweet little peeps every time open that door.

Work all done on the coop, the only remaining question of the day is, "What's for supper?"

I don't know, but this was supper last night. From the picture, as you can see, it was not only a very yummy Sunday Supper, but also a very Summer Supper. Man, I'm gonna miss summer!

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