Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"romantic" anniversary

A funny little thing happened at the end of our anniversary celebration.
After our wonderful dinner we decided to go to the coffee house. (we had never been there before.)

We walked in, and much to my amazement, right there before my very eyes, was a knitting club. Now what you may not realize is that I have been wanting to learn how to knit since FOREVER! I could not help myself, once my wonderful husband had purchased my coffee, I was eagerly asking what I had to do to participate in this little group.

Did I mention it was our anniversary?

Well, before I had a chance to remember it was my anniversary, I was after all suffering from knitting hyper ventilation, I had lovely wooden needles in hand and not one, but two separate yarns I was knitting together.

The girl leading the group, OK - my guess is she was younger than me, so girl it is, said, "We meet every Tuesday night, you must buy a cup of coffee, please come join us."

Please, tell me tomorrow is Tuesday.

Oh, did I mention it was my anniversary?

Yes, we were there 54 minutes (which was 54 minutes after closing, we had no idea the closed when we walked in) and my husband did not mind a bit. We had a good laugh and he could not have given me a better gift if he had tried.

So if you call and I do not answer, if you drop by and the laundry is blocking the hallway, you will know why.

In the middle of the summer,when I am wearing an ocean blue colored scarf, maybe we can go for another cup of coffee and a new knitting project.

Photo by Seth


Alisha said...

I followed your link from SouleMama and just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the story of how you learned to knit. I'm planning to learn to knit this year (I have a few things to scratch off my list first) and I hope I can find a nice knitting group like you found. Good luck with your knitting!

bigskygirls said...

I too came from your link at SouleMama & think that is one great knitting story. I'll have to stop by & check out your future knitting projects. :)


Crystal said...

Make that three - I came from Soule Mama too! I really want to learn to knit, especially now that I have grandchildren and see all the cool things that people like Amanda make. I think I'm going to get Knitting for Dummies and then see if I can find a knitting group. I love your anniversary story -there's a scrapbook layout in that! Good luck with your next projects!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I also found you through SouleMama's blog. Your story is so sweet. What a great anniversary! :-)That ocean blue colored scarf sounds beautiful.

Laura @ Our Wee Farm said...

what a lovely way to learn!
I take it your scarf is finished? Bet it's lovely!