Sunday, May 03, 2009

everyday things

Much has gone on in life as we know it here.
We have completed phase I of the office make-over and it looks great. Phase II will be to finish the mountain of paperwork that must be done and phase III will be the bathroom. It does not seem possible it has been 8 years since moving into this location. We are so pleased with the outcome and happy that Dad has a wonderful space.
My birthday was Friday and after a meeting in the morning my wonderful husband took me to a favorite lunch establishment (from our first year of marriage).
Jacob is set for his next year of school, hopeful to graduate from High-school with an AA degree. We had a great meeting with his academic advisor and she was very encouraging that he could accomplish this.
Friday night late I came down with a stomach virus. Yep, it was by far the worst one I have ever had. Thankfully, no one else in my house has started and oh...I hope no one else does.
Monday ended our baseball season and Friday spring football began.
I am not sure how so few posts made it into this space for April, other than to say, I must be way too busy. I'm not sure how this can be since May is typically our busiest month. That should scare me for sure. Hoping to work on an April re-cap over the next week to post.
In honor of my first blogiversary I hope to do my first give-away. That sounds fun, hope you will participate.
I am still very weak and so off to rest for awhile.

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