Monday, September 12, 2011


Today she turns thirteen.
The first girl, she followed three brothers.
I said many times, "My three sones is my three sons, I'm done." So glad that was not true.

Hannah ~ you are quiet, patient beyond compare, confident in what you do not want, even when you second guess what you might want. You still love the beach, like to sing, are content with your life and most happy at home. You are capable of many things yet reserved enough not to look so far into the furture that you miss the ride. You are agreeable and easy going. I love how happy a good book makes you, how much you love learning about and God's word and how to apply it to your life. I love your belly laughs and how you love your siblings. So glad to share this journey with you.
Love, Mama


Jerralea said...

Great tribute to your daughter! She sounds like a lovely young woman. (I read her blog post, too.) I'm glad she doesn't wish on stars, but prays instead!

Shannon said...

Happy 13th Birthday Hannah! May the Lord bless this special day!

In Christ,

Jenna said...

Happy 13th Birthday, Hannah! I pray that you had a wonderful and blessed day!

Your Sister In Christ,

Season of Life said...

Happy belated 13th birthday Miss Hannah...hoping your day was full of wonderful blessings and your life will be one knowing it touches others.

Love ~

The 10 Smiths

Julia said...

really nice pictures :D

Lisa Tessy rose said...

Hi really like reading ur blog, hope you'll like mine too :

Felicity said...

Happy Birthday to Hannah - what a beautiful girl she is!!