Thursday, May 17, 2012

morning light

What will I do when the music stops...
This morning I have heard guitar, piano, violin and bass.
Bass? How did you sneak in hear.
 For  seven years I have said, "No bass, it is too big, I am not hauling it around."
 Then they get big enough to haul it around themselves. 
The house is alive with the sound of music, forget about the hills.
When the children have gone and music grows quiet...I will begin piano lessons - again.


Felicity said...

That's exactly how I feel!! One day when the kids are older, I'll start viola lessons again - rather late than never...

Laura {{* *}} said...

Then we can play duets.

{{* *}}

Shannon said...

That is how my mom feels as well, asking what would she do without her children's music to listen to?... I suppose that the only remedy is for her to keep me and our piano with her forever... :)


Season of Life said...

The thought of quiet is a distant thought for me. ;-)

I do hope that music will be everpresent...hey, let's not forget about grandchildren someday. Before the last one leaves, then we hope many little ones will be filling the gap. :D


<3 ~ Jarnette

quilt'n-mama said...

I love the picture! And the sound of music...