Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sweet Summer Days

The children went with grandparents to their beloved Valle Crucis Park. I did not go so I that I could get the last blog posted. It only took five hours but, yeah!, it is finished. No pictures of the park since I did not join them; not to worry since we frequent this place the entire time we are here, pictures will come in time.
Along with blogging was the much planned for sewing projects I have been so looking forward to.
Fabric, for the girl quilts, has been washed and folded. (the pictures do not show true colors)

Fabric, for my shirts has been washed, ironed and cut out.

There has also been time for reading, drawing and painting.

I even heard the keyboard as light began to fade over the mountain.

Artist Anonymous

The night is cool and pleasant. Sweet dreams

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