Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday's Fave Five

Another busy week and Vacation starts today woohoo!

#1 The girls have gone to the mountains to stay with grandparents. Their vacation started on Wednesday. Unlike the boys (who had no phone service), they call me every morning and evening. It is a lovely way to start and end my day.

#2 Another successful bread class. I was tired and in a lot of pain and it was still fun and such a blessing to me. So many people excited to be grinding wheat and making bread from newly married to married 50 years. If you have been thinking about's never too late to start.

#3 All paper work required by the state for homeschooling has been submitted. All paperwork for football has been submitted. Deep breath and relax. None of this is difficult, but it requires time and above all else brain power. Seth's transcript had to be redone three times, after I though it was finished, due to errors. His GPA went up and that was a good thing.

#4 Vacation starts today and because of too much work we are staying home. Time to get caught up and organized before Fall flies in fast and furious. We will have down time and we are probably going to head to the beach house for a couple of days. No real plans...naps are happening right now and as soon as this is posted I'm headed there.

#5 The refrigerator broke. I have hated my refrigerator since I got it...but I do NOT want to buy a new one. OK so maybe I didn't hate it as much as I complained about it. A little Internet research, a hair dryer, a little more Internet research and we think we have it narrowed down to two parts that will cost about $100 dollars. Yes, this is way better than the cost of a new fridge. I am so thankful my husband will try to fix something before we just go out and get something new. We are almost finished defrosting so we can put it back together and decide if we are going to go get the part this afternoon...yes, it is FRIDAY.

Off to my nap and then refrigerator repair work. Have a super fantastic weekend!

This is a nice way to reflect on the week and be grateful for all my blessings.
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elizabeth said...

What a blessing that you can repair the fridge! We are that way about our truck right now. Honestly, who wouldn't love new, but we are trying so hard to be good stewards and make do until things give out.

Enjoy your vacation!

Brenda said...

It is nice that you can repair the fridge. Those large purchases are a drain!

Have a great vacation.

Melli said...

I used to make all my own bread waaaaaaaay back in the day. WAY back! (before bread machines!) But I didn't grind my own flour. That really adds a new dimension to "from scratch"! My eldest daughter though did not KNOW that you could buy bread in the store until she was 4. When she found out she was sO excited that she told her pre-school teacher that Mommy BOUGHT bread -- at the STORE! And it's already CUT! She was sooooooo impressed! LOL!

YAY for the fridge parts! My hubby is a fixer too -- and DIY guys are a definite PLUS! But SOMEtimes I wish he would BUY NEW!

momma24 said...

Love making bread and want to learn to make different kinds. Yay for the fridge repair, I hope it works. I hate "having" to buy a new appliance!

Karyn said...

My son just came and told me he thinks the fridge isn't working, so I can relate....except my DIY guy is away at work. *heavy sigh*

Phone calls twice a day from your girls sounds like a great way to start and end the day!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I'm sure you're glad that paperwork is done. Hope the refrigerator repair is simple and inexpensive and the vacation is wonderful!