Monday, January 05, 2009

welcome 2009!

My Aunt and Uncle called and invited us to the lake house for New Year's Eve. We loaded that, just repaired in time, camper and headed out for a night of fishing, oyster roast, campfire, fireworks, fish fry etc. One night turned into three nights and so much fun.

What a place to sit and reflect on the year gone by and dream about the year ahead. Children running and laughing, memories of my childhood at the lake shared while at the same time they are making their own cousin memories.

It is just easier to ponder these things while sitting here - away from all the distractions of home.
No need to worry, Emma guards the gate (O.K. the dock).

My real life Tom Sawyer could not be happier.

A good catch from the end of the dock!

The dregs of what were two bushels of oysters.

Complete with fire crackers and smores.

Thank you children for making this fun. That you Uncle R and Aunt P, for inviting us and feeding us and letting us stay longer than what you planned. Thank you Mom and Dad for going and being the great Nanny and Poppy that you are. We are very blessed.

If the start is any indication ~ it's gonna be a very good year!


natalie said...

lisa i loved reading about your days and the photography is wonderful. please tell me there is one thing u cant do. u truly are amazing!happy new year! love natalie

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

OK for some reason I feel the need to become very good friends with your Aunt and Uncle lol. What a beautiful place!