Wednesday, September 03, 2008

feathered friends

These sweet little zebra finches came to reside at out house this week. They are fun to watch. And Emma is even more fun to watch, just watching them.

We have not done birds before, so this is a brand new experience.

We were told when we got them they are quiet but this is not the case at our house. They sound exactly like Emma's squeak toys, just not quite as loud.

Dad asked if we got the birds just because the fish had died.

Yes, the fish that had survived a week long fast, being dropped in hot soapy water and always behind on water changes. Poor fish, we hope he just died of old age. He was entertaining and fun to feed. If you were very quiet when you fed him you could hear him chewing.
We will miss Gator and hope we do much better with Chip and Claire.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Well, I am stepping up my prayer
for Queen Emma's safety....
dead chickens, dead fish and now two birds with one stone!

They sure were sweet little birds of a feather...died together.