Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...Tuesday, September 29th. (finished Wednesday, September 29th)

Outside my window...the sky is cloudy and the forecast is for cooler drier weather, bring it on!

I am thinking...God is good, all the time! Our office was accredited, how?, by the grace of God. We know a couple of companies that have just decided to close the doors and quit. I am thinking, of them now, and how will their families be provided for?

I am thankful for...my mom coming through surgery with only partial knees, not complete make-overs.

I am wearing...jeans, a life is good t-shirt and sneakers.

I am remembering...that the bread I just pulled out of the oven has no oil and no honey. Can you here the sigh of frustration? This is a clear sign I am too tired and distracted. I can make bread with the ease in which I breathe ~ how did this happen?

I am going...to make a new batch of bread and deliver it to friends who just welcomed a sweet blessing into their family.

I am reading...knitting patterns, NO books, no time.

I am hoping...that these first few days pass quickly for my mom.

On my mind...4-H projects, the deadline for sign-ups is tomorrow.

Noticing that...my children wish to live in a place where the season of fall happens...BEFORE Thanksgiving.

Pondering these words...no weapon formed against me will prosper!

From the kitchen...a spirit of gratefulness to a friend who fed my family lunch and breakfast yesterday.

Around the house...bread is baking for the second time in two days. The 4 loaves I baked yesterday had no oil and honey in them, oops! This is what happens when my mind is elsewhere and my body is going through the motions.

One of my favorite things~hot coffee~in a freezing hospital room~with a bite of chocolate of course.
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Surgery Update

I am dashing out the door to the hospital.
My mom is having a double knee replacement today.
She is scheduled to go into surgery at 10:30, Please Pray.
Daybook to follow later today, with praise report!
Thank you,
Thank you for your prayers.
Our praise report... two partial knees ~ instead of two total knee replacements.
She is dizzy and extremely itchy, the Dr. is having trouble finding a pain medication that she does not have a reaction to. Please continue to pray this situation will get worked out so that the wonderful world of rehab can get going.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...Monday, September 21, 2009

Outside my window...the first sign of light is beginning to fill the sky. The weather is calling to scattered thunderstorms. Funny, I just heard thunder, followed by rain on my roof. Last night the air felt like the major heat has begun to let up slightly, when is the first day of Fall?

I am thinking...about how long it has been since I visited this spot. This is the place that allows for reflecting. I find myself constantly trying to catch my breath and seriously thought about giving up this adventure all together. But, who cares how long it is between posts? My original intent was for my children to have words and pictures to document the ordinary daily events on our family journey, if this is still the case, goal accomplished.

I am thankful for...healthy children.

I am wearing...brand new jammies ~ it is still dark out.

I am remembering...that I have a present hidden from a birthday celebrated on the 12th. Someone is going to be happy to get a surprise.

I am creating...a crocheted pumpkin to add to the fall decorations.

I am going...to be getting things in order. My mother is having surgery next week and I hope to be organized enough to help her.

I am reading...very little, not time for this right now.

I am hoping...for a positive experience for my mom and as quick a recovery as can be expected.

On my mind...ENG1101 and the struggle my young men have with this class.

From the learning rooms...slow start to the bookwork with our trip this week taking our minds away from paperwork and pencils

Noticing that...I am way too tired on Monday mornings. This should not be the case, so something needs to be done differently.

Pondering these words...You do not have, because you do not ask God, When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures(NIV). James 4:2.

From the kitchen...menus and a few meals in the freezer. Due to the set up of my parents house they may need to come here for part of the recovery process ~ no stairs. Meals in the freezer will allow for greater ministry to my parents, my husband and our children.

Around the house...could someone please get out the fall decorations!!

One of my favorite things~listening to the rain falling on our metal roof. Working in the school room upstairs and watching the rainfall out the windows.

A few plans for the rest of the week: organizing, cleaning, school work, music lessons, football practice, helping with paper writing, weeding and yard-work.

From my picture journal...remembering last fall.

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

30 Days of Happiness::7

Thrifting happiness...

This lovely picture is hanging above the buffet in my dining room.

Purchased at my very favorite thrift-store for pennies.

I like the sweet little cottage on the lake, maybe I could move there.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

30 Days of Happiness::6

Delight directed!

Nothing brings me more joy than to sit next to her. We create something sweet from a little machine and a few ordinary household items. For her, only paper. For me, fabric and thread. Now comes the creative part. ..

"How should I start?", she asks. "Do you spell dear, d-e-a-r?

"Yes, with a capital D.", I answer.

"I know. Mama" She is very sure of herself.

She is writing to a man we know that is in prison. It seems a grown up thing to do for an innocent little girl. I question if that is too much for her to bear at her age. I never knew people who went to prison when I was little. We pray that God will direct and lead us, show where to minister, and yet for her it comes natural. While she knows the reality of why he is there, she does not judge him for anything other than who she knows him to be. Sometimes I wish it were that black and white for me.

I do not know why God has aloud us to minister to this man, but I know it is what we are called to do and I pray that I can do it in love, for that is what He did for me.

So...she writes and I sew and we are happy...

Monday, September 07, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday September 7, 2009 Labor Day...

Outside My Window...the sun is just coming up and their is a flock(6) of morning doves feeding in the freshly mowed grass. It is unusual to see so many, they commonly come in pairs.

I am thinking...that we are tired of being sick and I want so urgently to be well. I want to get everyones immune system built up before anyone gets something else, or worse than what we already have.

I am thankful for...the privilege to home-educate my children. Homeschooling was outlawed in Sweden this week and I pray that our country would not ever do this. I pray for the safety and courage of the families that are now schooling illegally.

From the learning rooms...school has begun and everyone seems to be adjusting. We are enjoying read alouds again, something that the youngest three have not had enough of because life just gets to busy.

From the kitchen...chicken noodle soup and tons of it.

I am wearing...jammies.

I am creating...a baby cap, Hannah's quilt was just sandwiched and is ready for me to begin the hand quilting, a coffee cozy for my local coffee shop to offer in a drawing of some sort.

I am going...to find the bottom of my ironing pile...soon I hope.

I am finished reading...the Yada Yada Prayer Group. I do not know why it took me so long. I did enjoy it, it was a quick and mindless read. If you are looking for a book for pure fun, without deep thought to plot, characters, or any major twists, this is a good book.

I am hoping...our piano teacher will not quit. We have not had lessons in a month. She was on vacation and due to her health she can not get sick ~ so she can't come to our house.

I am hearing...nothing but the ceiling fan and the clickity-clack of the computer keys.

Around the house...things need to be picked up and prepared for the week.

One of my favorite things...is being able to completely stop when we are sick. Today is the fourth full day that Jacob has been completely down. He is doing better, I am just hoping this is enough for him to get well so we can begin to build up his system.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: going as little as possible. This might just give us a little extra time for read alouds and creative endeavors, that would be quite nice.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...a restful spot I would like to be visiting soon.

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

30 Days of Happiness::5

Basting a quilt, which means quilting is just around the corner.

Fall is my favorite time of year to sandwich a quilt, the days will be getting shorter and not quite so hot. Cooler weather invites me to curl up under a quilt to work away. Children's activities begin and I find great delight in having things to do while waiting for them at music and sports practives. Hannah is so happy that I am about to begin hand quilting her quilt, for her this means I am almost finished.
Pictures by Rebekah:)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

30 Days of Happiness::4

I saved for almost 6 months to get a new "want" instead of a "need". It arrived in July and on a good day I still can not get the results I want. I am learning and will not give up. It is a lot of fun when the image I have in my mind actually appears on the screen or in print. Hoping to improve with the help of a camera club and studying.