Thursday, July 09, 2009

off to the shore ~ to camp

Hook up the camper, pack your bags...Let's GO!
We are headed for the beach and we can't wait.
It is a blessing to live in paradise when a staycation is necessary.
For the next week all we will stop work (for all but one day) and regular children's activities will continue. They are in summer school, hablan espanol, pottery camp, football, piano, etc.
This allows us to not have to burden a kind neighbor with farm chores, the packing to be lighter, all the while...ocean bliss.
It also allows for my parents to go (while continuing to run their business) and friends to come join in the fun. The camp fire, smores, BBQ's, beach sand, flip flops, shell collecting, laughing, movies, and a week of what has been and is predicted to continue, cooler than most Julys and quite pleasant weather, all added bonuses!
I hope to post a couple of times while soaking up the sun, knitting, reading a beach book and continuing my clay days.
Off to pack these:

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quilt'n mama said...

I hope you are having an awesome time! What a wonderful opportunity and plan... enjoy the beach for us!
Blessings my friend,