Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Simple Womand's Daybook

For today... Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Outside my window... is a beautiful day. The wash is blowing in the breeze, low humidity, fresh cut grass...Summer at it's finest.

I am thinking... about a Christmas gift for my husband. A great project came to mind late last night and I am so excited.

I am thankful for... girls that work farm animals (because since they have been gone I have been doing animal chores).

From the learning rooms... attention is being directed towards Fall planning. We did not accomplish as much as I had hoped over the Summer, that's not shocking, but it will require some careful calculations for how to begin the year.

I am wearing... my favorite apron.

I am creating...a caplet. It is finished and about half the size it should be. I will be casting it on larger needles tonight at knitting...and this was an EASY project. I am not sure I will ever knit anything very well. UPDATE...finished AGAIN on larger needles and way too big. I will cast on again and adjust the pattern.

I am going... to dinner for my dad's birthday (Fried shrimp) and to make homemade peach ice cream.

I am reading... a Karen Kingsbury novel, finished Oceans Apart and starting A Time to Embrace. I have done a lot of reading over the Summer and hope to keep it up into Fall.

I am praying for... order to the "school" part of our day. We are so busy right now I find it overwhelming that we will need to set aside a chunk of our day for academics. I know this challenge will ease with the two older boys heading back to school daily but it still seems like a huge job.

Pondering these words~ Give me work until my days are done and days until my work is done. I have no idea where to credit this saying.

From the kitchen...
we are celebrating a do-it-yourself refrigerator fix, thank you Lord. Homemade pizza is happening a lot and I accidentally made pita bread. When you do not prick your crust with a fork and try to bake it for later use...Pita Bread!

I am STILL hoping... to have breakfast and beach time with a friend soon. (I think I'll leave this here until we make this work.)

I am hearing... the washing machine run and the question, "What kind of muffins are these? The answer... strawberry millet.

Around the house... a restlessness is telling me that a season change is way too close. I feel it, and according to everyone elses behavior I think they agree. What is that?

One of my favorite things...
is a passing late morning rain shower.

A few plans for the rest of the week: (trying not to plan too much) A quick little get away just my husband and me. Football has started, the boys are doing a lot of yard work, Jacob is doing a lot of viola practice and the girls are still in the mountains.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...pita bread
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Seasons of Life said...

What a pita! :D

A little get-away sounds like a perfect thing to do BEFORE school starts! Enjoy and be blessed.

Your bread baking friend...

Traci Michele said...

Stopping by to follow and say hello! Lovely blog you have!

Love Your Sister In Christ,


Traci Michele said...

Beautiful thoughts! Thanks for sharing.