Monday, October 04, 2010

a new season

Thankful this morning for the ordinary...

#41 a new season, crisp air allows windows to be open through the night and early in the day

#42 a weekend of rest

#43 a little bit of knitting

#44 a walk and a bike ride with my husband

#45 bacon cooking with open windows...what makes that so wonderful?

#46 one little girl that "loves ironing",(her words)

#47 school on the porch

#47 autumn breezes

#48 watching one son score a touchdown, glad I didn't blink at the wrong time

#49 children that must dawn a hat and gloves on the very first cool morning and go outside, usually to ride a bike ~ this happens like clock work every year

#50 anything baked apple (it's definitely Fall)

#51 a morning walk (or bike ride) that happens here...
#52 too much work, because it seems better than too little work

#53 a new haircut for Locks of Love...


#54 a dog that survived tick paralysis

#55 new (to us) furniture

holy experience


Kara said...

beautiful list, beautiful pics!

I don't know what is so great about the open windows and the bacon... but it is great isn't it?

and baked apple something..... I love it.

I'm glad you didn't blink at the wrong time either when your son scored. ;>


Jerralea said...

Wonderful list of blessings!

I love the photos of the flowers - they are gorgeous!

I love open windows and bacon cooking too ... now I feel hungry ... said...

Wow! I didn't know a tick could do that! Glad it went well.


Choate Family said...

Yay for Locks of Love! My girls and I are all growing our hair out, too :-)

mary said...

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quilt-n-mama said...

I have been so slow catching up with everyone but it was wonderful to have a moment this morning to check in! Our sweet Lenna just got a similar hair cut and donated her hair as well!
I hope your fall is going well with life, school, etc.
Thinking of you and prayed for you this morning!

AskAMassivePro said...

nice pictures

Sammie Sue Schwartz said...

I have a cousin named Seth but he's a bird. Oh...he also laid an egg so I guess he/she needs to change his/her name.

Nice blog!