Thursday, May 24, 2012


scrub, wash, cook, mow, plant, paint, slide-show, music...repeat!

Seth's graduation party Saturday has us working overtime.
And a sick child had me at twilight pediatrics last night.
She has been a trooper. 
The youngest of five and the first one to have strep-throat.
Watermelon fruit slushie, gatorade, medicine
and a Walton's marathon
help ease the fact that mom can not sit by her side
for any extended period of time. 

Many emotions are racing through my heart.
Deep breaths help me smile and remember
that these days, with all my loves under this roof,
are numbered...and treasured.


Jerralea said...

Lisa, I wish I had been better about treasuring the days with all my loves under one roof. It goes so quickly!

God bless you and I pray you can imprint each day upon your heart.

Laura {{* *}} said...

I hear lots of commotion going on over there next door.

Every ounce of effort...
blood, sweat, tears,
to celebrate Seth's accomplishment
is worth it.

Standing by, watching days fly
into memory.

{{* *}}

LISA said...

Thank you for watching, you're going to need to remind me what happened when we are old and sitting on the front porch in rocking chairs:)