Saturday, October 11, 2014

Four Seasons :: Autumn Challenge {Day 10 of 30}

Hoping to complete this challenge with Peggy....

we passed this tree coming in and going out
it was stunning every time we passed by
as if we didn't remember how beautiful it was the last time
25 years since we'd been to a homecoming game
so many things different and some things never change
students are still wearing black and gold overalls to the game
now our son is interning in this place we call "God's country"


Marianna said...

Ah, high school football. Nothing quite says fall like that!

Lisa said...

Yeah Marianna, you just took 5 years off of our age. This is a college football game. Appalachian Sate University, Boone, North Carolina. :)

Polly said...

Thank you for your comment! Happy to see it. App state.....the mountains of wnc are where it is truly beautiful!!