Monday, September 07, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday September 7, 2009 Labor Day...

Outside My Window...the sun is just coming up and their is a flock(6) of morning doves feeding in the freshly mowed grass. It is unusual to see so many, they commonly come in pairs.

I am thinking...that we are tired of being sick and I want so urgently to be well. I want to get everyones immune system built up before anyone gets something else, or worse than what we already have.

I am thankful for...the privilege to home-educate my children. Homeschooling was outlawed in Sweden this week and I pray that our country would not ever do this. I pray for the safety and courage of the families that are now schooling illegally.

From the learning has begun and everyone seems to be adjusting. We are enjoying read alouds again, something that the youngest three have not had enough of because life just gets to busy.

From the kitchen...chicken noodle soup and tons of it.

I am wearing...jammies.

I am creating...a baby cap, Hannah's quilt was just sandwiched and is ready for me to begin the hand quilting, a coffee cozy for my local coffee shop to offer in a drawing of some sort.

I am find the bottom of my ironing pile...soon I hope.

I am finished reading...the Yada Yada Prayer Group. I do not know why it took me so long. I did enjoy it, it was a quick and mindless read. If you are looking for a book for pure fun, without deep thought to plot, characters, or any major twists, this is a good book.

I am hoping...our piano teacher will not quit. We have not had lessons in a month. She was on vacation and due to her health she can not get sick ~ so she can't come to our house.

I am hearing...nothing but the ceiling fan and the clickity-clack of the computer keys.

Around the house...things need to be picked up and prepared for the week.

One of my favorite being able to completely stop when we are sick. Today is the fourth full day that Jacob has been completely down. He is doing better, I am just hoping this is enough for him to get well so we can begin to build up his system.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: going as little as possible. This might just give us a little extra time for read alouds and creative endeavors, that would be quite nice.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...a restful spot I would like to be visiting soon.

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Seasons of Life said...

Illness...never fun and always routine altering! Praying that this will run its course quickly and staying home will help to keep it from coming back to you.

Get well...chicken soup good for the body!

Love ~ J

Tara said...

Wow I had no idea! It was so bad at your house...Do you need anything? Both of us have been so busy lately. Even at strings it seems we can't get 5 minutes. I miss our followship over tea we had so often last year dear friend...
Prayers to all of you.....