Saturday, February 06, 2010

all by herself

This is the very first cake she has ever baked "all by herself".
Banana cake with creamy butter frosting. It was delicious.
It was two different sizes because we don't own two cake pans. She had to borrow one from a neighbor and then decided it would be too small if she trimmed it. I know she will be happy to practice when she gets two pans that are the same size. Can't wait to taste the next one.
No one minded the different sizes and more than one person commented that it tasted like banana bread with icing.
I will post more yummy updates as they become available.


Seasons of Life said...

Great job Miss H! Lovely banana cake and I am sure it flew fast in your home...looking forward to seeing more fruit of her labors. It brings a smile to my face and warms my heart to see the next generation learning to love being keepers of their home and families. =)

Blessings ~

Shannon said...

Great job Hannah! Looks like a yummy treat that I am sure your family truly enjoyed.


Tara said...

Nice job Hannah! Wonderful job!