Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Add ImageI have an announcement! Caleb just might finish TWO novels in a week! This is cause for celebration, and that's what he did, with a trip to the ice cream store. The library called to let us know he won an ice cream for a book review he had completed and put in a drawing. I think he is hoping to add more reviews to have a better chance at the grand prize. I'm not overly concerned with the reason behind the added interest. It makes me smile when he tells me he needs to take his book in, wherever we are going, when I tell him he should leave it in the car. I also laugh when he makes the comment, "this one is even better than the last one". I sometimes think, if I can just find a book he will really like, he will be hooked. I didn't like reading for enjoyment, or any assignment, until I was in college. Therefore, I understand his reluctance. I just hope his journey has finally begun and it will be long and rewarding.


Anonymous said...

Good job Caleb...I know ya'll are having fun, but we sure do miss you down here in hot Florida.
Love ya, Poppy Al

Laura said...

Caleb's window to adventure has opened!
Let the literary breezes blow!
Reading AND writing a review?
I see a great academic year ahead.

Reminds me of the fun song:

Crack a book
You gotta read
Take a look
You gotta feed
Find a nook
Your hungry mind
So take some time
and crack a book!
~Mrs. Kate~
"You Gotta Be A Doer"

Anonymous said...

How wonderful Caleb!!! There's nothing more fun than getting engrossed in a great book-- maybe we can trade stories soon:) By the way, I found your Gator Wallet-- hooray!! It was right where I put it-- in the desk in the hall--so remember to ask me for it when you come home because I'm likely to forget again:) At least we'll have this comment trail--Enjoy your books, and the upcoming Math Camp!!
Stay cool--
-Aunt Karen