Wednesday, July 02, 2008

just off the beaten path and straight up hill

Tonight was a beautiful night, perfect for an after supper hike. This was not meant to be a poem, so for those of you who thought just maybe I was going there, and you know who you are, sorry, but I am just too tired. This is not a journal post but a picture post. The following pictures are in order taken along the path as we went. This waterfall is on the grounds of the Mission Retreat just on the other side of the mountain. Children not pictured were at a concert.


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Those pictures are breath taking definiatly would frame them for display. Gods wonderful wonders, what a awesome place to be.
Hey Caleb Collin said hello.
Looks like you are having a great time

Laura said...

Well yes, I do indeed think there must be a few lines of prose just waiting for escape....
Surrounded by the craggy loveliness and peaceful cool~
...or maybe you'll just ponder these things in your heart.