Monday, September 13, 2010

She is twelve...

What happens when you forget to prepare half of the meal for a birthday party? Sound scary? Instead of eating lunch, you eat supper. This happened yesterday, FOR REAL. We had family in for lunch to celebrate Hannah's twelfth birthday. On the menu was homemade burritos and I was way behind in my preparations.

Instead of getting everything done on Saturday I chose to take the girls to the beach to play with a new friend that was in town and we stayed for a very late supper.

We called home to check on all the men, who had been gone for the day, and asked them to go finish the grocery shopping for lunch on Sunday. We rolled in late, tired, relaxed and glad we had made time to visit with friends.

It was too late to bake the cake so I would have to get up early before church to get that done. Cake finished, I made grits to have with breakfast, they are her favorite. Didn't have time to start the burritos, they will have to wait until after service.

Once back home, I cut up all the toppings, mixed the dough and plugged in the tortilla press. Ran to my room for something and had a eureka moment...We are missing all of the hot "stuff" that goes in the burrito. No meat, no refried beans and worst of all the meat's still frozen.

How does this happen? In a state of panic, I stand at the microwave willing it to work faster. These are the things that make me crazy, why does my brain not work like it used too? In the light of eternity it really does not matter. My family will have a good laugh and memories are made. And above all else, I am still grateful because He is God and I am not.

An on going list of one thousand gifts...
#31 the defrost setting on my microwave

#32 movies like this

#33 a Savior that paid my debt

#34 a freshly washed dog
photo by one of the children

#35 a mopped kitchen floor

#36 a Sunday nap (no,I did not have one yesterday)

#37 children choosing to have a good attitude when things don't go their way

#38 cousins choosing to homeschool

#39 understanding family

#40 Hannah's new bike

holy experience


Felicity said...

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one whose braindoesn't work like it used to! But I hope you all had a really good day!

Melanie said...

We ALL have those moments. What a blessing age brings us in allowing us to release the unimportant stuff. Looks like a lovely weekend : )

Seasons of Life said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Miss Hanah! Wow, does Emma look sharp after a bath...did she just want to run and find a hole to dig? ;-)

Tortilla night is always a HUGE hit at our house...whether things go according to plans or not, the kids will always remember those homemade tortillas and yummy fillings!

Blessings in Him my friend ~

Shannon said...

I hope that Hannah had a blessed birthday! May the Lord bless you and your family....


Jerralea said...

I so agree with what you said: "In the light of eternity it really does not matter."

I bet Hannah was glad though that you took her to the beach.

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!!! Wow 12!!!!!
Turning into a sweet young lady. Sorry I didnt tell you in person yesturday. I must today when I see you!
I am sure you enjoyed yolur celebration with cake and burrtios.

Lisa giving our children things to laugh at us over is a good thing. We are in the mist of life with very full plate. As you have told me many times "It will be ok".
I have you with me always telling me those four words. Thank you for your friendship.

quilt-n-mama said...

Been there and done that for sure! I love the picture of your daughter that starts this post, absolutely beautiful friend!

gina {the little list} said...

It such a relief to learn that I am not the only one who has days like this. Nice to meet you. :)