Monday, June 09, 2008

Detour through D.C.

Sunday afternoon we discovered how close to Washington D.C. we actually were and who could resist. Having never been there we just had to drive through. Much to our disappointment we could not drive by the White House, closed to traffic since 9/11. We saw all the well known monuments that come to mind when you think of the capitol. We have decided that we must go back soon.
As we were leaving, we looked over and much to our surprise, right there was the back of the White House. We yelled loudly for our driver, aka Dad, to pull over; and we quickly ran to take pictures.
After leaving town, lost again, we headed north on a major road and were passed by the Secret Service. We watched a "show" of how the Secret Service escort someone to the airport. It was very entertaining and we only wish we could have found out who the were escorting. We tailed the escort vehicle until he gave us a warning with lights on and causing us to slow to about 40MPH. We knew this was our clue to back off. He was not happy with our little game of paparazzi. We did, after all have cell phones, laptop and cameras.

We continued north into New Jersey, through the Lincoln Tunnel, right down 42nd Street, left on Park Avenue to 59th Street and over the Queens Borough Bridge to our wonderful little apartment in Woodside. All the while we had P.T. our personal GPS system on the phone navigating for us (thank you, we could not have done it without you). I only wish I had had a video camera rolling of my children's faces. At one moment I panned the car to see the shock and awe of something so foreign to us.

Looking forward to the Subway, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty.......................

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you arrived safely and without being pulled over and questioned by the FBI, or CIA or some other Gov't alphabet group!!!! Love the pictures, and I know your family is experiencing a bit of "shock and awe" of the city. Have fun, stay safe, and I can't wait to read more. Love, Aunt T