Monday, June 09, 2008

New York, New York

Happy 15th Birthday Seth! What a fun way to spend your day.

Today began with the purchase of our Subway passes and a trip into Midtown Manhattan. We took the 7 train to Grand Central Station. We are slow and there a lot of us compared to what most New Yorkers are used to. We have caused several double takes in the little market we shop at every day. We discovered after the first night, you must carry all of your groceries, don't buy more than you can comfortably carry. The girl at the cash register had a funny look on her face as she was taking mental notes of the number of children.

After we arrived at Grand Central Station we started walking toward Time Square. We were not sure where that was, but we wanted to see the things we were sure to recognize from television. We saw ABC, ESPN Zone, ate in a pizzeria, watched the Naked Cowboy (thank goodness he is not completely naked), and visited the Hersey store for dessert. We rode the Staten Island Ferry for a view of the Statue of Liberty, took a walk through Battery Park, rode the Subway, rode the Subway, and rode the Subway some more. Along our travels we met some very nice New Yorkers who were eager to help with directions, play tourist guide and/or historian.

The heat is draining; and thus the Lobby of the Marriott in Time Square on Broadway is very nice (and cool).


Anonymous said...

hHAPPY BIRTHDAY SETH!!! What a great way to spend it.
Tara, Jon, Nathan and Marissa
(Collin, at work)

Anonymous said...

Happy BirthDay

Hope you had a fun day. From the pictures I would be surprised you didn't.


Pierre said...

Happy Birthday Seth, as I'm sure Sadie would be chanting and bellowing and cooing if she was typing. And enjoy your rides on the Immigrant Express y'all. That's what we call the 7 Train--MY 7 train, that I so enjoyed riding. You'll all stick out like foreigners on that train, since you hardly see any old-style white Americans on it anymore. (So what's it like to feel like minorities?!) Also, it saves you a trip to the United Nations. It's all right there for you on each train ride. Aren't you going to see the Mets just a few stops past yours on 52nd?

Anonymous said...

I keep checking for some updates with photos:) hope this means you're just too tired from having fun all day to stay up and type. I'll see you Saturday in China town if not before--
peace out,
Aunt Karen