Friday, June 13, 2008


Today began with a bang, literally speaking. Dad had just gotten up and was looking out the window into the sweet little park across the street from our apartment. All of a sudden...crash. Seeing the people in the park start running down the street, and heading in the direction of our van, he decided we might better check it out. We excited the building and headed down the street to find the vehicle parked directly behind us had been smashed into a tree. At this point, we were wondering what we were going to find when we got to the other side of our van. As we got closer a lady, very upset was bent over and crying. We were growing more concerned that a pedestrian had been hit and possibly killed. Our block is full of people at all times of day using the park. When we got to our car, we were shocked to find it untouched and relieved to find out no person had been hit. There was a dog lying in the street, and we were now wondering what the lady's connection was. Was it her dog, was she driving the car, and if so, where was the owner of the dog? After waiting a while, the police came, the crowd thinned out and we were waiting to see if we needed to move our van so a tow truck could get to the truck behind us.

This is what we saw as we approached the accident!

This is where the story gets really bazaar. The lady driving the car, parked and was taking her dog to the park. She set her dog down on the ground and got out of the car. Realizing, at this point, that her car was still in drive and idling forward, she jumped back in and in a panic hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. She hit the car parked in front of her pushing it perpendicular to the curb. She continued forward with the accelerator to the floor, thinking she was smashing the brake. She turned her car across the street, ran over her own dog and smashed into the car directly behind us. She hit it so hard she knocked the tire off the rim and smashed it into the tree. We still can't believe that our van, and the car behind the truck, was undamaged.

The blessing in all of this was that no person was injured. The sidewalk always has people on it and the tree prevented her from pushing the truck all the way to the building. Not to mention, on one was on the street at that time.

Just remember, if you are having a rough could be much worse.


Anonymous said...

awwwwwwww, lisa, that is very sad.. :( you know how I love dogs. I think it must have been very traumatic for the lady to run over her own dog. My neighbor rolled up her power window, and choked her dog to death.. she was terribly traumatized by that incident. How old was this lady???? Please tell me she was much older than me.. Love, Aunt T

Anonymous said...

Amazing the things God does to keep us from having more troubles.

Any way.

When is the concert?


Anonymous said...

WOW, Unbelievable Sure glad God protected you and your travel means. How was last night? Can you breath now, Jacob? Looking so forward to hearing all about it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!! And some times we doubt if God answer are prayers!! The Lord IS protecting you guys and answering all of our prayers for your safe trip!!! Amen to that as much as I feel bad for the lady and her dog….INCREDABLE!!!
Keep on having fun and making memories!!!!
In His Love

Anonymous said...

Hi Reedys!! I can't wait for more online updates-- I hope life in the Amish country was great and I can't wait to hear some stories, 'cause I know there will be stories. I'm sure everyone needs to rest up for a few days before hitting the hiking trails and or Makotos:) Hope the weather in NC is nippy and cool!! Talk soon,
Hugs and kisses,
Aunt Karen