Thursday, June 12, 2008

Trip to the Park and Zoo

A trip to the Bronx Zoo, Wednesday, June 11, 2008. We were so excited to be going to the Bronx Zoo and, as with many expectations, we were somewhat disappointed. We had always heard how great it was, thought that because it was in the city there would have a lot of exhibits, NO. It was donation day and the entrance fee was guest's choice. We were sorry we donated at the gate, not because we did not want to pay, but if we had skipped the donation we could have paid for at least one of the animal exhibits inside the zoo. Yes, there was even a charge to see some of the animals. Maybe this is the way things have always been here, we were shocked and unprepared. The cost for us to do everything would have totaled about $135.00 and that was on the free day at the zoo.
We did enjoy how pretty it was, the shade, and the flowers that were blooming. The monkeys, sea lions, white leopards and polar bear were very entertaining.

After leaving the Zoo we decided to stop off at Central Park; now understand we are beginning to move much slower, we are tired, our feet are very sore, and we are not eating the way we should, so we are spent. When I arrived on the street and saw Central Park, I decided then I was done. It did not look that much different than the pretty zoo we had spent the afternoon in. It was absolutely beautiful and I wish my feet did not hurt so bad, I would like to walk the entire park. I think one of the reasons it is so lovely is because the huge cityscape is the backdrop for anywhere you are standing in the park. For me, it was the same feeling I got We did do the pond, and basically one corner of the park, the one that just happens to be by The Early Show on CBS. This was of course not planned, again we are surprised, it is hard to find what you are looking for and some of the things we wanted to do we just fall into.

From this corner we decided we are close to Carnegie Hall and went for a walk to see that.
Continuing on, we head for Broadway and 53rd to see the Ed Sullivan theater where David Letterman tapes "The Late Show". Yes, the Hello Deli and Angelo's are in the bottom of the same building. We did want to by something from the Deli but it was closed.
The day ended with a Subway ride back to Queens.


Anonymous said...

Just LOVE the picture of you surround my your 5 children. Your poor feet.
Ok where is the picture of the new do?

Anonymous said...


How was carnegie hall?

Happy to see that you guys are having fun.