Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sunday Nap

As I rush around in a tizzy to prepare for seven people to travel for five weeks, it is the small things that make me remember to stop and breathe. I am so tired and as I cross one thing off the list, I add three more. I have determined it will all get done regardless of how frantic it seems. Here are a couple of shots that made me laugh while reminding me to enjoy the journey.

I am not a huge cat fan. Our cats are farm cats, nothing more, nothing less. If someone misses their meal for the day all three of our feline barn security know how to track down the next meal. None of our team members like to be held or cuddled and if you do pick one up they demand to be set down right away. This shot on Sunday, as I was rushing in from a rehearsal or out on my way to a rehearsal, made me stop and laugh....get the camera!

This is Britches, my nickname for him is LoverBoy. He does not want to be held, but he wants me to pet him and he wants to lay down next to me while I'm on the porch. Yes he really is napping in this chair and even while I was moving about he was sound asleep.
Oh how I wished it was me getting that Sunday nap. I would have preferred mine in a cozy bed with the A/C set on hotel (as my husband calls it when we need an extra quilt on the bed).

The count down is on, less than a week to go.

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