Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lady Liberty and Ellis Island

We are getting slower everyday. Today we began with housekeeping, resting, and working on feet. Dad has a numb spot on his foot and I have very painful blisters on the bottom of 4 toes.

We went to see the Statue of Liberty up close and personal and Ellis Island. These are two things we studied in depth before we traveled. Because of all the studying we feel we had a better understanding of what we were seeing. On Ellis Island we purchased one audio tour and I am very glad we did. The tour did not tell me much I did not know already, but it did direct us through the museum in the order the immigrants went through. This was important because much of what was there at the time is gone. The room full of benches and stations that were used for processing is empty. Due to our late start and the very long time it takes to get there from Battery Park we had to keep moving and could not go at a leisurely pace.

Second floor, view out the window looking toward Manhatten.

Picture of how it looked on a normal day of new immagrants awaiting processing and entry into America.
The Great Hall today.
Stairs of Seperation, one for people free to enter, one for those detained and one for those denied entry.
View from the window above the Great Hall looking toward the hospital.

We did have time to see and do all that we wanted on Ellis Island, but would have liked to have had time to get off the boat at Liberty Island.

We needed to be back in town at Grand Central Station for Jacob to meet up with the orchestra for dinner. He enjoyed his evening with them and the rest of us came home to have dinner and do laundry. The original plan was for someone to go back to town to pick Jacob up. He checked in a little after nine and let us know he was ready to come home. We agreed it was early enough that he would be fine on the subway and he did it alone and arrived safely at home.


MaryAlice said...

Okay, Reedy crew are you ready for a laugh? Aunt Kathy had to tell me how to post a comment, I looked all over and did not see where or how to leave one, so a big thanks to Aunt Kathy! Lisa, what a great job on the journal and pictures. We all wanted to wish Jacob the best and tell him how proud and excited we are for him! Jacob, we think you are outstanding! Lisa, where are you walking? There are pizza places everywhere I think you all were just tired and couldn't see them, keep looking. Love you all, MaryAlice, John, Zack & Aaron

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa
I am so happy to enjoy your trip with you…this is great! Getting up everyday and reading and seeing the photos are just so much fun! Jan is enjoying it too!!

Isn’t N.Y. great? I love it!… The first time I went I really look like a tourist so much that a lady on the street told me to close my mouth because I looked like an easy target!!! LOL what can I say that’s N.Y. !!!
AHHH! And the White House…now that’s nice!!! I was born there in D.C.

And your photos are soooooo beautiful! I did not know you enjoy photography so much, I would of never guess. You do a very good job!

Well, dear Lisa I will continue to pray that our Lord will keep you safe – and no more lost children!!! ( Tara told me the story) LOL – Oh! My goodness I think I would of dye!!!! So, I will pray for a safe trip, for the car to be safe and free of accidents, and most of all that you can create beautiful memories as a family! Till next time, in His name,
PS: Jacob CONGRATULATIONS!!! OHHHHHHHHH!!! You are so lucky!!!!! And I’m so happy for you!!! I hope and pray that next year Jan gets invited too! Just make sure you take every second to enjoy the awesome opportunity that the Lord has bless you with and praise His name with your talents and your good example. We are very excited for you! - Lisa this goes to you too! A great son = a great mom! -

Anonymous said...

Hey, Lisa, Aunt T here. I am enjoying this trip more and more each day. I love the photo's. I am quite impressed that you have an actual ghost picture at the top of the stairs of separation!!!!! What are the chances of that happening???/!!!! SOOOOO KKEWWWL.....

Anonymous said...

I emailed but tell you here also. Matt is working on getting the Early show from DVR to VCR tape. We have picture! Now for sound? We have sound! Looks like we will have you guys for ever on VCR Tape YEAH!!!!!YES IT WORKS!!!!
Jacob... you are in our prayers with your big night. YOU WILL BE AWESOME!!! Thanks to your Dad and Mom for making this happen for you. You are so obviously loved by ALL of your family. How awesome to have everyone there with you!!!

Thank you for sharing your trip with us