Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A New Doo

please note: this post is delayed due to no Internet connection
Tuesday, June 10th activities
A day spent in Soho with stops at Devachan Salon for a two hour hair appointment, Purl Soho (yarn store), Purl Patchwork (fabric store) and the Scholastic Book Store for, what else, some books about New York. We stopped for lunch after stumbling into Little Italy.

We had no plans to go to Little Italy, had not paid attention to where it was; and then all of a sudden, there it was. We ate in a little, family run, pizzeria. Caleb was happy watching as his pizza was made. Then, after nine months of trying to set my curls free to be who they really are, I was treated to a hair appointment at Devachan Salon. This is the salon for the curly girl and a whole new thinking when it comes to caring for curls. I did have each curl cut, one at a time, and a lot of discussion about what to do with my hair. It was a very interesting and educational trip and I am very glad I had this opportunity.

I have been drooling over yarn and fabric at these two sweet little Soho shops for about eight months online (if you google the name of the shop you will find them). I could hardly contain my happiness to actually be standing there. If I ever make it back there I will have to have a plan for a project so I can buy accordingly. I was quite overwhelmed and bought a few items so the girls and I can make some small treasures to remember our trip.

Books to remember our trip to the "Big Apple". Who could resist a Scholastic Bookstore? Not us, what great "souvenirs" that do not just collect dust. What fun to read about places we have actually been and remember.
After finding ourselves confused on the subway, and that's not unusual, we realized we were not too far from ground zero. Since this was on the list of "things we want to do", no time like the present. We were glad to see they have not changed the stop on the train, but realized New Yorkers have moved on and will tell you the towers are no longer here, like the world doesn't know. I do understand that nearly seven years later it seems like forever ago to them. To us "foreigners" it was just yesterday. The construction is booming and we were not able to find anywhere to but the subway crosswalk to hang out to take a picture. We did find St James Chapel, thanks dad for the GPS service.

Dinner was at a wonderful Amish Market two blocks from ground zero.

Rockefeller Center at night.

At the end of the day Daddy and the boys went to ESPN Zone, to watch the NBA finals between the Celtics and Lakers. While the girls and I came home by ourselves on the Subway; it was a fun adventure and we made it.

As a side note, we have decided there are myths about NYC that we just assumed would be true. We think these are quite funny and just our opinions.

1~pizza is everywhere - we walked for 2 full days trying to find a whole in the wall pizzeria...the first day we gave up and ate at a pizza chain (something is just not right about that)....the second day we walked so far we fell into Little Italy and ate at a family run pizzeria, both were good

2~Bronx Zoo is great - we were very disappointed we thought that this was going to be the best zoo ever and it was, according to all 7 of us, terrible! Not enough animals, or activities, and after you pay to enter, some of the exhibits are an additional charge. Not to mention, it is very difficult to navigate.

3~New Yorkers are rude and unfriendly - We have found everyone to be VERY friendly and kind. They are, for the most part, in a big hurry. One kind lady told me, "it's a bit like herding cattle, but it's O.K., you set your pace and they will go around you". They are willing to help anyone who looks lost on the Subway; we have given them plenty of opportunities for this.

4~pedestrians have the right of way - you will get run down if you are in the road and the light turns green. I do not know why or how these cars can get going so fast in a New York city block.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I like your new doo. Can't wait to see the rest. Mom

LISA said...

Your funny Mom,
This is a before picture. I did not like any of the after pictures and after I hit post I realized I had forgotten "the check back for after" picture notice. I will try to get this soon.

Anonymous said...

I was going to ask how long your hair was BEFORE you got it cut, but I see by the blogs that this was not an AFTER picture, so now I know how long it was.......VERY!! Beautiful color.......
I love your view of NYC and I look foward to more tales. Love, Aunt T

Anonymous said...

New Do photo
I have been waiting for this moment for months...Please don't hold us all in supense to long. Want to see new do...want to see new do...
I am droolling all over the yarn.
I have the record set for tomorrow's early show. Did the subway and walk back to you place with just the girl's WOW!