Friday, December 05, 2008

spreading a little Christmas cheer

Much of this week was spent preparing a musical set that would serve as a backdrop to a large church activity.

This was a good opportunity for some stage time and experience without the pressure of a large audience expecting some great performance.

We did overcome a few obstacles that were out of our control.

With only a small area, how would the set up of chairs and instruments come together?

What adjustments need to be made because the string players are struggling to hear each other?

What happens when the piano drowns out the stings and the musician there can not hear any strings.

In the end the ~ musicians had a great time, were thankful for the opportunity and hopefully the
people who allowed them to perform were pleased.

I am thankful for the willingness of the children to give a little Merry Christmas!!

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Tara said...

Beautiful setting! What a blessing to share their hard work and talents.