Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Blogiversary

One year ago today I began this blog as a way to send information to our family and friends while we took a 5 week trip starting here. It was fun and I soon realized I could manage this much easier than pictures and scrapbooking. While I still want to create those memories, in the form of a scrapbook, it is my hope to have this space printed and bound for them also. Life happens so fast, unless someone is journaling, all the small day to day activities become a blur. I do not want that to happen, I want them to remember what daily life was like at our house. As a side note, I have met some really neat people in this space, who knew?
In honor of my first blogiversary ~ let's make it another first. In a random drawing giveaway a market bag similar to the one pictured, color subject to change, will bless someone. Yours will not arrive quite as long, unless of course you carry a watermelon in it when you go to market. The eight year old pictured here was so excited to use it, why not haul a watermelon in it. A lady in my knitting group did some research, before she made hers, and found recommendations for adding a "stabilizing" yarn in as it is crocheted. I will make this improvement to the one that I give away so, when you put a watermelon in it, it will not grow to this length. Please leave a comment on this post and feel free to pass along the information. Comments will close Tuesday night.


quilt'n mama said...

Happy Blogiversary! Sign me up for the awesome bag!
I love having a little peek into your life from afar! Thanks for sharing it my friend! One of these days I am going to be better about emailing everyone more, etc. too:) I still have a package to send that I haven't forgotten!
Thanks for your post about our little grocery store, we are traveling this weekend and I am so sad that it will be closed when we return:( I keep hoping someone will buy it and take it over but we'll see...
Blessings my friend,

Tara said...

You know I love that bag.
Can't believe it has been a year already.

Choate Family said...

Don't sign me up for the bag, but I did want to say "happy blogiversary"! Glad your crew is feeling better.

Jerralea said...

How sweet of you to giveaway a market bag!

I know what you mean about viewing this blog as a way to record events for your family. I hope to have my blog printed up and bound for my family someday too.

It's been a year for me also, and I love all the people I've been meeting out in the blogosphere. God bless you and keep up the good work.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Blogiversary! And what a neat way to celebrate - with a giveaway. I have attempted to learn to crochet a couple of times and never have gotten very far. Please sign me up for the giveaway.

Tiffany said...

I started blogging almost two years ago for the same reason and now I am hooked! I have a dream of seeing my blog as a book but it would be a huge book at this point. I have about 900 posts!